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    Hikers can go with confidence that they will always have enough power to use their GPS unit to find their way home.

Mobi-Solar - Power for People on the Go

Mobi-Power 3- is a portable USB Power System - The complete system includes Mobi-Solar - Mobi-MiniFlash - Mobi-Pack

Mobi-Power 3

I live an active life style - my work in agriculture takes me to just about everywhere in the world.  

Because I need to be connected to my family - friends - office - clients it is imperative that I have good power for communications.  Where many times there just isn't any power available. 

That is why  I developed the Mobi-Power 3.

Just need a little more support to bring Mobi-Power 3 to the market. 

The Mobi-Power 3  consists of 3 compatible components. With a central theme.  USB power connections.

First the Mobi-Solar Frame

Mobi-Solar Frame
Mobi-Solar Frame

The Mobi-Solar frame provides enough power to charge a cellphone Camera, Mini-Pad or using the Mobi-Power 3 adapter multiple frames can be linked together to give up to 8W of charging power for larger items or quick charging your Mobi-Pack

Second -  The Mobi-Pack

Mobi-Power Station - Shown with the Mobi-Mini Flashlight
Mobi-Power Station - Shown with the Mobi-Mini Flashlight

A fully charged Mobi-Pack has enough power to charge an Iphone at least 4 times. It uses advanced light weight LI-Poly battery technology. It features a remaining power indicator - and two USB power ports. 1A and 2.1A each.  It can be charged using the Mobi-Solar   or any available USB port from a PC - wall adapter - or other USB source.

Third - The Mobi-Flash light

Mobi-Mini Flashlight
Mobi-Mini Flashlight

The Mobi-Flash light is a waterproof mini-LED flashlight with Li-Poly advanced battery technology. Charges from the Mobi-Pack or any USB port available including   Mobi-Solar

The  Mobi-Power 3 -  complete

The complete mobi-power system
The complete mobi-power system

Finally the Plan..


The some components for the Mobi-Power 3 are manufactured in China. Others will be manufactured in Portland Oregon area.

Solar technology will be manufactured in USA

Molds for manufacturing will be made in China and transferred to the USA

Battery technology will come from China -  assembly will be USA

Connectors and wires will come from China

There is a 25 day lead time for shipping from China -  so first units will be manufactured there.

Technical Specifications


  • Single panel Voltage output : 6V
  • Max Current: 350mA
  • Positioning Indicator
  • Anti-back flow blocking up to three can be linked in Tandem using the Mobi-Tandem adapter
Mobi-Solar Frame
Mobi-Solar Frame
Mobi-Solar Frame
Mobi-Solar Frame

Mobi-Pack Station

  • Battery technology :  Li-Poly
  • 10,000mA/h capacity
  • 2 USB out ports 2.1A and 1.0A
  • 1 Single input charge port
  • multiple adapters and connecters included
  • Power adapter (mini wall plug)
  • carrying bag
Mobi-Power station - shown with the Mobi-Mini Flashlight
Mobi-Power station - shown with the Mobi-Mini Flashlight

Mobi-Flash light

  • Li-Poly rechargeable battery
  • modes continuous on or flashing
  • USB charge connector
  • Waterproof
  • Key clip